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We solve your problems with the cooling tower.
  • Scales adhere and trouble with piping blockage.
  • A lot of management and operation cost are taken.
  • Using a lot of supplying water.
  • Thermal efficiency is bad.
  • Circulating water is muddy.

If even one of these concerns is applied,
we propose to introduce ECOiON.

ECOiON video introduction

ECOiON prevents from the occurrence of scale, slime and pitting corrosion by electrolysis using special electrodes, and inorganic salts are agglomerated and drain outside the system.
Since this system does not use chemicals, we realize cost saving and eco-friendly one.

Flock generation
Flock generation

Product video introduction

Feature 1To contribute to energy saving by reducing energy loss.

To suppress scale and slime adhering to the heat transfer tubes of the heat exchanger, and to increase the thermal efficiency and reducing annual gas and electricity consumption.
To contribute to longer life time of heat exchangers and air conditioning system.
Pitting corrosion
Pitting corrosion

Feature 2Water Quality Improvement without chemcal

The inorganic salt contained in the circulating water drains outside the system without using chemicals. Blow drainage and make-up water can be reduced, and cost can be reduced.

Feature 3Reduction of management cost

You can stop using chemicals.
In addition, it can reduce the number of cleaning to cooling tower and heat exchangers, reducing management labor and cost.
30 days after introduction, circulating water becomes transparent
30 days after introduction,
circulating water becomes transparent
Before introduction, bubble and turbidity occurs.
Before introduction,
bubble and turbidity occurs.